Disruptive technological changes and new generational expectations about public service work, coupled with mission shifts across governments and the social purpose sector, are challenging the traditional notion of “public service”.  This shift is from lifelong agency/NGO employment to a more flexible mobility-orientated career model with a stronger balance between commercial, policy and community outcomes – as well as the role the private sector plays in service delivery. This new vision of the future public service/social purpose sector and its worker is already requiring a rethinking of current workforce planning and talent management approaches.


One of the strengths of de JAGER Executive Search lies in our ability to assist you to identify and attract the new hybrid public service leader.  Increasingly, evidence shows that this leader is a naturally commercially tech savvy individual who is permanently connected to advanced open source technology.  Further, they seek validation and input from collective, digital wisdom yet remain actively cognisant of the nuances that exist in the sector and the related integrity;  they are highly collaborative and flexible, familiar with working in ad-hoc, project team environments as well as with traditional models.  These indivIduals are data-centric, analytics-driven, at home with big data and visualization techniques, dedicated to continuous development, used to a high degree of autonomy and looking for opportunities to make a social impact via a range of career engagement channels. 


de JAGER Executive Search, with our global reach and use of cutting edge sourcing and attraction tools can assist with structured public service mobility between states, territories and countries. This is a first for Australia in terms of a new workforce model.   When the situation enables, de JAGER will also think outside the box and draw talent in from aligned sectors who will complement the strategic objectives in terms of skillset - yet navigate the associated interpersonal and  hierarchal  complexities of the sector exceptionally well. The firm also has a particular expertise in successfully navigating situations in which there are extremely complex stakeholder and legislative nuances at play, which are highly topical and/or controversial in nature. 


As a value add or as a specific objective, we conduct intelligence gathering exercises that deliver employee predictive scenarios, reflect future labor markets and technology adoption trends that might assist with risk mitigation or new scenario exploration.  Throughout our process, we collect and review success stories of interagency collaboration and public innovation projects – which may Increase virtual collaboration and use of digital technologies. We are also increasingly conducting periodic workforce studies to understand and map the expectations and preferences of a younger mid-level management workforce, particularly  those in technology.

Our mission is to enhance our clients' businesses by providing a personalised and high quality executive search service