The principles of executive search can be generally applied across a whole range of industries. However, true credibility and success comes from working with search professionals who specialise in industry sectors - people who know or know how to find the best talent in your field.

Our consultants understand the skill sets that drive your business.

They have worked at senior management levels in the industries in which they are now specialised search consultants. They have a thorough and close understanding of the industry they work in by staying close to all the key players.

de JAGER Executive Search operates in the same way as IIC Partners and has a local practice group approach while working within the IIC Partners practice group structure. de JAGER Executive Search local practice group leaders are also members of the global practice groups. The resultant sharing of knowledge enables our consultants to stay abreast of their industry sectors on a global basis.

In addition, de JAGER Executive Search has external associate advisors in specialised areas of each practice group who lend their expertise as required to supplement our in house knowledge.

Our size, our local knowledge, our global alliances and our industry specific expertise allow us to provide a unique level of personalised service.

We are an intentionally small practice working with a select client list. We have a hands on, close working relationship with our clients and candidates alike.

We are close to industry, government and opinion leaders in the Australian market. We understand what is happening across a wide range of Australian industries. We are a truly local Australian company.

Through our alliance with IIC Partners we have access to the best talent worldwide. We have real global coverage and we work closely with all of our partners.

While our network and understanding of the executive search process does allow us to cover all areas we have elected to follow the IIC Partners model. We have established local practice groups headed by our experienced consultants and supported by independent industry associates on a needs basis.

This means comprehensive knowledge of industry sectors both locally and globally and executive search consultants specialised in industry sectors who understand the skill sets required because they have held senior management roles in those sectors.

Our mission is to enhance our clients' businesses by providing a personalised and high quality executive search service