New laws and regulations, worldwide, make it clear that the selection of Non-Executive Directors is now subject to sharply higher standards of due diligence, scrutiny and transparency

Organisations succeed when boards thrive. However, the effectiveness of leadership teams may be endangered by issues such as lack of strategic alignment, or shortcomings as to structure and governance. Our team works with Boards, CEOs, and executive teams or organisations around the world to address strategic and organisational drivers affecting team dynamics and performance.

We leverage our experience and expertise to help clients achieve alignment on strategic direction and risk, secure talent for the right executive roles, and build the leadership capabilities to deliver superior business performance. Our Global Board Practice Group has extensive experience in directing competency-based assessments to ensure that clients have the right mix of board members with a shared focus on the organisation’s strategy. These assessments determine how boards can work together most effectively.

Our Executive Board Search expertise coverage areas include:

  • Leadership Assessment
  • Team Management and Design
  • Executive On-boarding
  • Compensation
  • Succession Planning
  • Retention

Not for Profit Board Initiative 

In recent years, we have taken our commitment further through an initiative to directly support the Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector. As part of our Board Search Practice Group in Australia, we undertake several executive searches each year to support NFP boards on a pro bono basis or at a deeply discounted fee. The proposition is quite simple:

  • We will work with the board to define the governance capabilities required and to develop the profile for a successful director.
  • Working with our corporate HR network, we identify candidates who have the capability, commitment, capacity and qualifications to be considered for the role.
  • The opportunity will also be advertised on selected websites that are considered effective in communicating NFP governance opportunities but the focus will be those available as a “development opportunity”
  • A candidate short list will be developed and profiles presented to the Board Selection Committee; ongoing interviews will be facilitated and support provided in final selections and reference checking.

Why a “Development Opportunity”? We believe this experience, not normally available in most corporate settings, can offer several benefits including:

  • Building an understanding of the role governance plays, from the director’s perspective
  • The opportunity to deliver, and sometimes develop, specific skills in a new environment and under different operating and economic conditions
  • Experiencing the leadership task from a different position in the light of different challenges
  • Extending the understanding of, and gaining a new appreciation for, making a contribution; developing a deeper understanding for altruistic behaviour in organisational settings
  • Developing a new understanding of organisation behaviour
  • Enabling the development of a commitment to the community by the board member and offering an avenue for companies to make a community contribution through their “sponsorship” of candidates

We have worked closely with organisations such as Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, YWCA NSW, Learning Links, Meals on Wheels (NSW) and Epilepsy Action Australia. In addition, we have discussed board needs with several other NFP organisations regarding our capability to provide support in the future. We have targeted organisations that are often not in a position to consider a full search for the board. Based on our experience. 

Our mission is to enhance our clients' businesses by providing a personalised and high quality executive search service