Globalisation, technology, mobility, innovation, shifting labor trends, development and protection of intellectual property and changing government regulations have impacted manufacturing, supply chains, operations, and logistics. These factors have all affected the profiles of leaders needed to drive growth in a slow-growth world. That is why we work with our clients to establish the right competencies and valuable skill sets to accurately identify pivotal roles and accelerate the development of internal and external succession leaders.


Automotive was the foundation on which de JAGER Executive Search was built and we remain committed to providing a full range of services to the automotive and related industries.

Our Automotive Practive Group is comprised of specialists with decades of senior management experience with major automotive companies at wholesale and retail level. We understand the industry and all its sectors. Our process is based on market knowledge and understanding. We kow how to find the best people.

We offer total coverage of the Automotive and Related industries 


  • Passenger Cars
  • Trucks & Buses
  • Motorcycles/ATV
  • Marine 
  • Component  Manufacturers
  • Machinery and Heavy Equipment 

Distribution Channels 

  • Manfacturers, Importers & Distributors
  • Retail Dealers 

Service Providers 

  • Finance Companies
  • Fleet & Leasing 
  • Dealer Service Providers 
  • After Market Supplies 


Our Global Industrial expertise also includes the infrastructure sector, where our focus is on working with companies that own, operate, manage or maintain physical structres or networks used to processs goods, servies, information, people and life essentials.

With increasing privatisation and more companies taking on multiple management roles, leaders today require a unique set of skills to tackle challenges with fewer resouces while driving growth.

Our industrial expertise coverage areas include:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Raw Materials 
  • Transportation
  • Agribusiness
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobility 

Our specialists have decades of experience in:

  • Automotive - OEM manufacturers (car, truck), parts suppliers and finishers, services, retail
  • Raw Materials - Chemicals, specialty materials, primary metals, forging and casting metals, paper and packaging, agribusiness, forest products, plastics
  • Construction/Infrastructure - Building materials, building and facility services, commercial and residential construction, engineering
  • Manufacturing - Industrial equipment, machine tools and systems, heating and cooling, electronic equipment, components and systems, construction and agriculture equipment, process and control equipment, power generation, defence equipment and tools, industrial services, aerospace
  • Mining - Aluminium, copper, coal, iron, gold , platinum, rare metals
  • Transportation - Aviation services, aerospace, railways, shipping

A truly global network with Industrial sector and sub sector experts in key centres of excellence.

With consultants drawn directly from the industrial sector, our knowledge of the international market is exceptional. Our strong global network means transborder searches are seamless and successful, with demonstrable sensitivity to the culture of the company and the country where the role is based.

IIC Partners Industrial Practice Group provides a customised process, tailored to your business requirements.

Our mission is to enhance our clients' businesses by providing a personalised and high quality executive search service