With a long history in working with clients to acquire the right capability through Executive Search, de JAGER is acutely aware of the challenges in making the right decision.  Increasingly, however, our clients tell us that the “entry decision” is only part of their overall leadership challenge.

To ensure sustainable performance and impact on the organization, leadership needs often emerge across several areas. Without the right attention, emerging “gaps” at any point in the leadership process left unmanaged can have undesired consequences for both the individual and the organization. Often, issues are effectively addressed through the application of internal resources. On occasions, however, external assistance will make the difference and it is in this context that de JAGER has positioned our leadership services. These specific services include:

  • Executive Transition into new roles or out of the organization needs to be managed to ensure the right outcomes are achieved
  • Executive Coaching to support the transition into new roles and to address particular areas for improvement, both in performance and developing individual capabilities.
  • Executive Assessment for the existing team, and of those who show the potential to take on a future, vacant or new role. This is essential for effective succession planning and can form a valuable and unique contribution to successful selection decisions.

While de JAGER is very comfortable working with prevailing leadership models in our client organizations, we have developed an underlying leadership framework that supports much of our work. We view effective leadership being the combination of four components and for any role or at any time, the balance may vary:

  • Strategic Leadership - Building strategic scenarios, refining options, executing agreed plans, monitoring results and modifying methodology and plans to meet changing conditions.
  • Organisational Leadership - Demonstrating ownership of the process for the whole organization, ensuring the right resources are available and addressing the right issues as they arise, with the right sense of urgency and a bias for action
  • Representational Leadership - Building the organizations reputation with existing and potential stakeholders and personally being seen as the authority in the specific domains of interest.
  • Inspirational Leadership - Inspiring others to passionately pursue all the organisation’s cultural, service quality, growth, capacity building and financial goals.

Our mission is to enhance our clients' businesses by providing a personalised and high quality executive search service