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An Economics graduate, Ross has spent his entire working career in the automotive sector. He has the unique experience of working in senior roles across all key areas of the industry.

Firstly with the manufacturer Ford Motor Co. in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, then as General Manager, Sales and Marketing, with an importer, BMW Australia, as it established prestige market leadership. Then followed three years as Dealer Principal of BMW Melbourne. Ross was then appointed as Group General Manager of the independent distributor, Ateco Automotive.

Ross joined the de Jager Group in 2001, firstly in contracted consulting roles, before setting up the Melbourne office in 2005.

In that role, he successfully identifies and secures top level talent for a wide variety of automotive clients in all sectors of the industry.

He draws on his extensive industry knowledge and experience, which is vital to understanding and filling key roles.

He has also expanded his role to include selected consulting and Board roles, where his background and strategic skills can further assist clients with specific challenges.

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