In the imagination age, new levels of awareness and new ways of being are transforming the way we understand leadership. Thriving in the 21st century will require an understanding that the “upside down’ leadership model of the 20th century has shifted, just as the human race transitions into an evolutionary state of development. This practice is comprised of a number of core areas:


Through a combination of different tools and approaches, we assess peoples values/beliefs, their personality and also their 21st century leadership competencies using the latest research and understanding in the field of Neuroscience for overall health and well-being. Becoming self aware using these diagnostic tools is a great starting point in understanding oneself.

Individual & Team Coaching

Understanding ourselves is the first step towards any meaningful change. Using the data from the diagnostic tools, we work with leaders to help them understand their behaviours and choices and the impact its having on those around them. We utilize methodologies founded on the latest research in values exploration and also in neuroscience, to help leaders understand gut, heart and brain connectivity. We facilitate change to drive positive outcomes and help people become better versions of themselves.

Purpose & Culture Shaping

In this era of heightened aspirations for leaders, shifting employee priorities, and always-on transformation, living out organisational purpose and the values that underpin it, has become even more important to both guide and energize organizations. 

It’s powerful in smoothing digital transformation, wooing and motivating talent, and elevating employee engagement to propel a thriving organization to new heights. Do the underlying values and beliefs  of your executive team, which influence organisational culture, serve the company’s vision and purpose? 

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping can be an effective risk mitigation strategy allowing your company to deploy resources much faster and with confidence, by understanding the external talent environment. 

As a subset, staying ahead of intelligence can be a large undertaking. Getting processes and methods in place up front is the hardest part. Having an outside partner complete a thorough audit of your current situation can be the most effective way of integrating Talent Intelligence into your strategic succession planning and talent acquisition initiatives.

Empathy Experiences

In partnership with our external ‘subject matter expert’, we create bespoke empathy training programs for all types of enterprises, whether educational institutions, corporations or social non-profit organisations. We create innovative, achievable and actionable strategies for boosting empathy with internal and external stakeholders, as required. This includes a diagnosis of the empathy challenge, followed by development of a suitable plan, and leadership of implementation.

Talent Mobility

With the rise in complex, Interdependent, and emergent challenges, effective change to secure a brighter future will require transformative, collaborative leaders who can effectively lead cross-sector collaborations’. Jeanine Becker, Stanford Social Innovation Review 

de JAGER Executive Search and Code for Australia have in partnership developed the Unity Initiative which is a 6–8 month structured program, in which emerging young talent, middle management and c-suite leadership from private, public and social purpose sectors, exchange roles, share ideas and create new cohesive communities of practice. Participants are supported throughout and beyond with targeted mentoring, networking, structured mindfulness and empathy immersions. 

Jobs of the Future –  Predictive Analysis

Is it possible to prepare your organisation for the jobs of tomorrow—today? Yes it is!  The world is experiencing social, cultural, economic, environmental, and technological changes on a daily basis. So predicting the best jobs for the future requires a constant understanding of all the kinds of variables that are interacting in complex and surprising ways – and we can certainly help you with a future focused and tailored predicative job analysis of the landscape ahead – in order for your organisation to create additional competitive advantage and remain ahead of the curve.

Pro-Bono – Assessment & Career Advice (for Client’s Children)

As the world becomes more complex (VUCA), dynamic and with the advent of game-changing developments such as AI , we offer consulting services to our client’s children to help them navigate the workforce of the future, what skills are likely going to be in demand and how this aligns with their own interests, strengths and sense of purpose.

Speak with us today about how we can assist this new generation get some clearer perspective and direction about the future.

Our mission is to enhance our clients' businesses by providing a personalised and high quality executive search service