Executive Search


This is a method of recruitment most appropriate for ‘c’ level and senior executive placement. 

Most often the successful people working at this level are not looking for alternative employment and will not respond to advertised recruitment. They must be identified, approached and persuaded to join the clients organisation.

This method is also used in sensitive, difficult or extremely confidential situations.



We consult on the basis of retained assignments only, so that our clients benefit by receiving a reliable, committed and professional service which is based on a strategic understanding of their business, corporate culture, group goals and strategies. We remain flexible with our clients and actively tailor our service to suit individual needs.

We work to a strict quality process.

The Brief

An in depth client brief incorporating client goals, company background and cultural information, the position and a profile of the ideal candidate. 

The Research

Potential candidates are identified through extensive market research. This is an interactive process with the client that utilises our database, network, contacts, industry knowledge and resourcefulness as well as using our global network. 

The Interview

Candidates meeting the client brief are approached to determine their interest in the position. Selected screening interviews are conducted to determine candidate suitability. 

The Client Interviews

Suitable candidates are short listed and details provided to the client including complete resumes, personal details, career summary, compensation package, and informal references. A consultants overview comparing the candidates credentials against the agreed brief is provided at this point. 

The Decision

We liaise closely with client and candidate through the interview process and work to resolve any potential obstacles to attracting the preferred candidate. At this point verbal references will be thoroughly and discreetly checked and we offer assistance in negotiating contractual terms of employment.

The Follow Up

We maintain communication with both candidate and client following commencement to ensure a smooth transition. 

We guarantee our results in line with the terms of our assignment contract.



de JAGER Executive Search abides by the AESC 'Candidate Bill of Rights' ensuring that our candidate relationships are based on confidentiality, full disclosure, timely communication, feedback and the professional treatment of candidates. We respect a candidate’s time and position and seek to build a trusting relationship. Above all, we value respect in our relationship with our candidates.